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1000pcs 15values *40pcs TO-92 transistor set with storage box transistor combination set

This kit comes with 600pcs common transistors - all assorted in a high quality plastic case. These a..

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1000pcs 50values*20pcs 1pF-100nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit Capacitors Assortment Set

Features:Durable and easy to install.Very convenient and practical.High precision and stability.50 v..

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1000pcs 5mm red/green/blue/yellow/yellow/white round water transparent LED light emitting diode electronic components kit

These diodes can be used for electronic and electronic experiment, and these LED light-emitting diod..

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1000pcs bread board jumper set: multi-color 80stitches M/M+ 80stitches M/F+ 80stitches F/F(10cm/20cm)

This jumper wires kit includes 240 pieces of jumper wires in 3 different types and 2 different lengt..

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100PCS blue Scotch Lock 16-14 AWG connector wire and cable insulation quick plug quick connect terminal

Want to connect wires quickly without stripping and soldering Try this insulated quick connect scot..

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1280pcs 64 value 1 ohm -10 ohm 1/4 w metal film resistance set set set

Features:High precision and stability.Low temperature coefficient.Low noise.Automatic insertion is a..

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140PCS 7-color polyolefin halogen free 2:1 heat shrinkable tube 2:1 heat shrinkable tube retractable casing wrap line wrap line package 1.0-5.0mm

This professional heat shrink tube set with 2:1 shrink ratio is perfect for protecting the point of ..

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200 stainless steel hexagon socket head screws set, hexagon socket head screws set, m3-m6 /M8 hexagon head screws set, cup-shaped column

This awesome kit of allen head socket hex screws with the most common hexagon socket screw - all in ..

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20000pcs 1/4w 100 value 1 ohm to 1M ohm metal film resistor set of electronic components

This useful resistor kit contains 2000pcs 100 values 1/4W metal film resistors, which can provide gr..

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2120PCS wire copper ballast insulated wire pin end terminal awg22-5 wire connector

Do you want to connect wires quickly without stripping and soldering Try this insulated crimp termi..

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