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DIN guide mounting 8 SPDT 16A power supply relay interface module DC 12V omron gbl-8l1-12v relay

Details Description:More features:Switching current up to 16A at 250VAC (or 30VDC).Extern..

$49.91 Ex Tax: $49.91

Fc-6s fiber cutter SUMITOMO cutting tool fiber cutter for stripping FTTH fiber cutter

Details Decstription:The FC-6S fiber optic cleaver is  used for single fiber cleavin..

$50.56 Ex Tax: $50.56

IMatic with RJ45 remote control 16 channel WiFi relay model kit, for Arduino relay android iOS iMatic system

Details Description:This is  iMatic with RJ45 remote controll 16 channels WiFi relay..

$49.94 Ex Tax: $49.94

Mini TPA3123 audio amplifier/amplifier 50W+50W

Details Basic Parameters: Power:50 W, 4 ? (max) 25 W, 8 ? (max)RMS:40W,4ohm 20W,8ohm Effi..

$55.00 Ex Tax: $55.00

MPPT RR2210RN solar charging controller 12/24v tracer 20A solar charging controller

Details Features: MPPT function12V/24V Auto Recognition Microprocessor controller pulse w..

$138.99 Ex Tax: $138.99

MPPT Tracer1210RN solar charging controller 12/24v INPUT 10A voltage stabilizer

Details Why we recommend buy MPPT Solar Controller? MPPT circuit solar controllers are co..

$99.96 Ex Tax: $99.96

New n-a6 biometric fingerprint attendance clock -USB communication

Details Description:Feature:1. Strictly follow the national security product standard.Sui..

$60.00 Ex Tax: $60.00

PCUSB cs1w-cn226 CS1W CN226 PCUSB CS1W CN226 PLC cable is suitable for omron company

Details This alternative Omron CS1W-CN226 PLC programming cable, USB version is for Omron..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

Programmable control relay module 16 channel controller USB HID

Details Description:This is the new 16 Channel controller USB HID Programmable Control R..

$24.27 Ex Tax: $24.27

RC200A digital thermostat, high precision, with LCD display, ac110v-240v, 1 relay with sensor

Details Description:Electrical  characteristics:Temperature  range:  tempe..

$24.91 Ex Tax: $24.91

RGB SMD50505050 5M LED flexible light bar, 6-color 24-button remote control

Details Features:5M waterproof, 16Farbe, 24Taste Remote Control, 30 LED per meterSeparabl..

$24.99 Ex Tax: $24.99

RJ45 TCP/IP remote control board, integrated with 8 channel repeater

Details Description: This is iMatic V2 8 channels WiFi network IO controller model...

$48.54 Ex Tax: $48.54

The new Ultimate Starter Kit RFID controller, LCD servo AVR with motor relay, is suitable for Arduino 1602 UNO R3 RFID controller

Details Description:This is a huge value starter kit includes lots of common electronic c..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

USB 2.0 fingerprint reader gold biometric security password lock for personal computers

Details Overview:Feature:Fingerprint management, fingerprint registration, deleteStore pa..

$24.98 Ex Tax: $24.98

white - Pcduino:Mini PC + Arduino DEV- Pcduino microcontroller development board

Details Description:As the field of embedded electronics gets more advanced, hobbyists an..

$49.98 Ex Tax: $49.98
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